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Corporate philosophy

The company will be in accordance with the principle of gradual step, steady operation and rapid expansion, adhering to development policy of innovation and development, we advocate green, environmental protection and sustainable development and commit to research new technologies and new varieties, build world-class biological materials producer, catering the leading brand in this industry to move forward, and make greater contribution to the Chinese nation strength.

Company vision

To ensure the smooth operation of the project, accelerate the construction of the second project, improve long chain dicarboxylic acids products, perfect long carbon chain nylon and high temperature resistant nylon series products, develop new varieties of biological nylon products for different fields, expose the industrialization prelude of our biological special nylon engineering plastic, and complete industrial chain layout of bio based materials of long chain dicarboxylic acids, increase the added value of the products, improve the profits of enterprises and the competitiveness of products, put into a stronger and more powerful vitality for the enterprise, and quickly occupy the domestic and international market, form the brand's International influence.

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